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Oilfield Services: Poised to Outperform?
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The global revolution in oil and gas production that’s been sparked by fracking continues to steam ahead — potentially with big benefits to the oilfield services companies who have the expertise that’s needed to implement the technology and reap its benefits.

Driverless Cars on UK Public Streets Starting January
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Google's cars come equipped with elaborate sensors that can see 600 feet in every direction, are fully electric, and have a range of about 100 miles, perfect for city use, especially driverless taxi cabs. Google plans for 2017 operation.

A Scary Valuation Indicator
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If you want to get worried about long-term stock market valuations, this week's chart should do the job. I saw a version of this chart recently in a research report by Daniel J. Want, who is Analytics Director for Prerequisite Capital Management in Queensland, Australia.

BLS Jobs Report Perfect for Goldilocks
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Stocks were down big on Thursday, with the improving economic backdrop prompting investors to suspect that the Fed will remove the punchbowl sooner than earlier expected. But this morning’s not-too-hot-not-too-cold jobs reading will likely soothe some of those fears.

Stagflation Is, Always and Everywhere, a Keynesian Phenomenon
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Although it might seem odd for a school of economics to largely ignore the role of money in the economy, this is indeed the case with traditional Keynesian economics. Declaring in 1963 that, “Inflation is, always and everywhere, a monetary phenomenon,”

Crosscurrents “R” Us
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Stock market action finally became interesting for a change today, both on and beneath the surface. First of all, the SPOOs [S&P 500 index futures] were weak overnight, for no particular reason, though the mainstream media tried to make up several excuses ranging from Argentina's default...

Expect Higher Treasury Yields in Second Half
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While many investors refuse to accept this fact, we are clearly marching toward higher treasury yields later in the year and in 2015. Even after today's bond selloff, we are still around the yield levels we had during...

Alphabet Soup: GDP, ECB, QE and Q2
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Stocks opened lower in today’s session, with Europe-centric concerns and more follow-through from Wednesday’s Fed statement as the likely catalysts. The jobs report coming out tomorrow has assumed even greater significance following the strong...

King Coal Deposed in West, but Reigns in East
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In the U.S., coal consumption has been flat to declining for the past 20 years. Just since 2007, U.S. coal consumption has fallen by more than 20%. This is the primary reason the U.S. leads all countries in reducing carbon dioxide emissions over that same time period.

The Four Biggest Threats to this Bull Market
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These are four of the biggest threats to the bull market. According to Hugh Johnson Advisors, first is the threat of oil skyrocketing over the turmoil in the Middle East, and natural gas prices soaring as Russia retaliates over U.S. and European trade sanctions.