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Q1 GDP Advance Estimate at 0.5%, Worse Than Mainstream Forecasts
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The Advance Estimate for Q1 GDP, to one decimal, came in at 0.5 percent, down from the 1.4 percent in Q4 of 2015. Today's number was worse than most mainstream estimates, with forecasting...

The Implications of Sino-US Trade Tensions
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Hostility is building up between the US and China over trade policy, particularly with regards to Chinese steel exports. What are the political forces driving these tensions, and what are the consequences for firms and investors?

Podcast: Quantum Computing Takes Flight
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In a recent podcast interview, Financial Sense spoke with Vern Brownell, CEO of D-Wave Systems, about their quantum computers, how they work, the companies using them, and why, he believes, we are at the "dawn of the quantum computing age."

Exit the Dragon – China’s Debt Is Everyone’s Problem
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China is not as economically secure as it seems. Convulsions in its financial markets have heightened global investor risk aversion and have added volatility in recent quarters. Try as they may, Chinese policymakers have been unable to...

Lessons from Japan: Decades of Decay, Endless Monetary Expansion
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Japan has proven that decay can be stretched into decades, but it has yet to prove that gravity can be revoked by central bank monetary games. Japan's fiscal and monetary extremes are in the news again: this time, it's the Bank...

Home Prices Rose 5.3% Year-Over-Year in February
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With today's release of the February S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price, we learned that seasonally adjusted home prices for the benchmark 20-city index were up month over month at 0.7%. The seasonally adjusted year-over-year change has...

Sell in May and Buy Back Higher in November
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The "summer months" start next week. The period from May through October is known as the "worst 6 months" of the year for stocks. True, the probability of a truly bad month is higher and the probability of a really great stretch...

Apple Runs Afoul of China’s Changing Internet
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Last week China shut down iTunes Movies and iBooks, shocking many investors. While Apple has in the past managed to avoid the Beijing’s caprice, this latest development shows that Apple is not immune to the hazards of doing business in China.

US to Undermine Russia’s Gas Monopoly in Europe
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The first US LNG shipment will soon arrive in Europe, marking a new era for energy on the continent. Cheniere Energy’s newly completed Sabine Pass facility on the US Gulf Coast recently sent a shipment of American liquefied...

Wait Until You Get a Pitch Right Where You Want It!
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One of the most successful investors in history received the only A+ from Professor Benjamin Graham (of Graham and Dodd “Security Analysis” fame) at Columbia: the chairman and chief executive officer at Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.,