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Will Argentina’s Debt Crisis Rock the Global Markets?
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One of the recurring headlines adding to the “wall of worry” is the battle between U.S. hedge funds and the Argentina government over payment of the country’s bond debt stemming from the country’s 1998-2002 economic crisis.

Avi Gilburt: Gold Could Break Below $1000; Sees Sharp Decline in Stocks Before Final Top
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We recently interviewed Avi Gilburt of, a widely followed metals and market analyst who is currently ranked as the highest "Opinion Leader" on gold and precious metals at Seeking Alpha. Here is a summary of his interview with Q&A below.

World Oil Production – Where Are We Headed?
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The standard way to make forecasts of almost anything is to look at recent trends and assume that this trend will continue, at least for the next several years. With world oil production, the trend in oil production looks fairly benign, with the trend slightly upward (Figure 1).

A Long-Term Look at Inflation
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The July Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers (CPI-U) released this morning puts the June year-over-year inflation rate at 2.07%, fractionally off last month's 2.13% 19-month high...

The Catalysts for a Correction
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A spike in energy prices and sharply higher interest rates have been two of the leading causes for pullbacks in the past. Also, we need to pay close attention to quarterly earnings, which are currently coming in on the strong side.

DOE, Intel Work to Keep ‘Moore’s Law’ From Expiring
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There are two ways to double the number of transistors on a computer chip: Either make the chip twice as big — not an option for small electronic devices – or halve the size of the transistors.

Stocks Move Higher on Strong Earnings, Low Inflation Readings
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A benign inflation reading and a slew of earnings reports provide a reassuring backdrop for today’s trading session, with stocks on track to reverse the prior days’ geopolitics-inspired pullback.

Euro Eases to New 2014 Lows
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The euro slipped through the low of the year and the weekly trend line going back to 2012. However, it found bids near $1.3460 and has recovered a bit. The key on the upside now is $1.3500. A move above there and the technical tone can begin stabilizing.

Is the Market Due for Another 10% Correction?
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One of the most notable things about bull markets is how they continually surprise you to the upside. Quite often investors will tell themselves “the market is overbought and has to correct,” only to find that it either doesn’t correct nearly as much as they expect or doesn’t even correct at all.

How High is High? (To Whom?)
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I recalled those words from my friend Shad Rowe, who is the eagled-eyed captain of the Dallas-based money management firm Greenbrier Partners, as I listened to Janet Yellen's testimony last week. Ms. Yellen was opining that the action in social media and biotech stocks is reminiscent of what Shad was warning about in Forbes magazine 23 years ago.