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This Data Shows The Shale Debt Crisis Is Hitting Record Levels
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The bankruptcies are continuing fast and furious across the energy sector. With the ill-effects spreading beyond just the oil and gas business—evidenced by major renewables firm SunEdison filing for Chapter 11 last month.

I Think Icahn
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Last Thursday was session 53 in the “buying stampede” and it was going along swimmingly. Well, I guess the surprise “no stimulus” announcement out of Japan caused an early morning stutter-step, but the equity markets seemed to stabilize...

Monetary Policy Endgames: Musings, Misgivings, and Markets
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Markets’ dependence on central bank largesse has also revealed the limits of the unconventional ultra-accommodative policy. The end of the debt Supercycle poses secular headwinds for growth because the level of debt suppresses central...

More Lukewarm Econ Data to Match Q1 Earnings
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Today’s March Personal Income & Spending report reconfirms what we saw from the sub-par Q1 GDP report on Thursday, with the U.S. economy barely staying in positive territory. Consumer spending in Q1 was up +1.9%...

Warning: Hawkishness Ahead
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The Fed has proven very dovish since their December rate hike. Tumultuous financial markets gave the Fed doves the upper hand, leading the Fed to pause in it’s “normalization” campaign and cut in half the expected pace of rate hikes this year.

Q1 GDP Advance Estimate at 0.5%, Worse Than Mainstream Forecasts
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The Advance Estimate for Q1 GDP, to one decimal, came in at 0.5 percent, down from the 1.4 percent in Q4 of 2015. Today's number was worse than most mainstream estimates, with forecasting...

The Implications of Sino-US Trade Tensions
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Hostility is building up between the US and China over trade policy, particularly with regards to Chinese steel exports. What are the political forces driving these tensions, and what are the consequences for firms and investors?

Podcast: Quantum Computing Takes Flight
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In a recent podcast interview, Financial Sense spoke with Vern Brownell, CEO of D-Wave Systems, about their quantum computers, how they work, the companies using them, and why, he believes, we are at the "dawn of the quantum computing age."

Exit the Dragon – China’s Debt Is Everyone’s Problem
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China is not as economically secure as it seems. Convulsions in its financial markets have heightened global investor risk aversion and have added volatility in recent quarters. Try as they may, Chinese policymakers have been unable to...

15 Warning Signs of Possible Market Top, Recession Next Year
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In Wednesday's podcast, Chris Puplava provides a comprehensive update on PFS Group's economic outlook for the US by explaining the message coming from each of the 15 charts below. Many of these forward-looking indicators are regularly discussed in our weekly broadcasts...