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Forget ObamaCare, RyanCare, and any Future ReformCare—the Healthcare System Is Completely Broken
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As with many other complexities, opaque systems in the US, only those toiling in the murky depths of the healthcare system know just how broken the entire system is. Only those dealing daily with the perverse incentives...

Stock Market Getting Ready for a BIG Move; Risk to the Downside
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“Pull” is a term used in shooting sporting clays, which are supposed to represent real birds and sharpen the shooter’s ability to actually hunt live birds. The term is yelled by the shooter to tell the person operating the trap to launch...

What Obamacare’s Failure Means for America
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The first legislative setback of the Trump Administration is being celebrated by many, but not by middle-class taxpayers and business owners. A Republican-led Congress last week failed to generate the consensus required to overturn...

Atlanta GDPNow Confirms “Hard” Data Still Disappointing
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Have you checked the forecast lately? It calls for a continuation of gray skies and cool temperatures across the country. What a bummer... and what a misdirection. We're not alluding to the weather forecast. Rather, we are alluding to...

The Difficulties in Making US Manufacturing Great Again
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Donald Trump ran for president promising to return American manufacturing and jobs to Rust Belt states workers. He promised that jobs would come roaring back and that it was the fault of China, bad politicians, and crooked owners...

Praxis Seeks to Revive the Apprenticeship Model of Employment
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With private university education costing as much as $200,000 or more, and even public institutions of higher learning costing as much as $100,000, many students are finding themselves in debt and without a job upon graduation. Praxis launched around 3 years ago with...

A Big Tailwind for the Stock Market Has Now Dissipated
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A tailwind for the rally over the past year has been the bearish positioning of investors, with fund managers persistently shunning equities in exchange for holding cash. Sentiment has turned bullish. Optimism towards the economy has...

Is Bank Lending a Concern?
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I have seen some angst recently over declining growth in commercial bank lending. See, for example, the Wall Street Journal: "Bank loans across all categories are increasing 4.6% annually, the slowest pace since 2014, according to weekly...

ITR Economics: 2019 Recession, 2030 Depression
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Last year, Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President of ITR Economics, predicted a mild recession in 2019 followed by the next Great Depression in 2030. Several months and one presidential election later, Beaulieu is sticking to his original vision: on the...

Crude Inventory Build Sends Oil Prices Into a Nosedive
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Amid growing worries about the direction that oil prices are heading into, the Energy Information Administration reported a 5-million-barrel build in US commercial oil inventories for last week, bringing total US crude oil inventories to 533.1 million barrels.