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  • Dave Nicoski: Bond Bubble Poses Greatest Risk to Structural Bull Market Sep 24

    Sep 24 – Dave Nicoski of Vermilion Technical Research provides his outlook on “recoupling” global markets and explains why a growing bond bubble presents the greatest threat to investors. Also, later in the podcast, John Ing, CEO of...

  • Book Interview: Weapons of Math Destruction Sep 23

    Sep 23 – Cathy O’Neil joins us today to discuss her new book, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy—an absolute must-read for those wanting to know more about the dark side of big data.

  • Charles Hugh Smith: Optimizing Bad Policy Guaranteed to Fail Sep 21

    Sep 21 – Well-known author and economic commentator, Charles Hugh Smith at, explains the “optimization problem” facing policymakers and why this inevitably leads to some form of economic self-destruction...

  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: The Mandibles - A Book Interview Sep 17

    Sep 17 – What would the US look like if it defaulted on its debt? Lionel Shriver has written a gripping and provocative novel called The Mandibles to explain her version of how things might play out on this special edition of Financial Sense Newshour.