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  • Richard Duncan: Why QE 4 Is Inevitable Oct 30

    Oct 30 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Richard Duncan, Chief Economist at Blackhorse Asset Management in Singapore. Richard makes the case that since 2008 credit in the U.S. has been growing at less than 2% a year and the Fed has been printing money to create a wealth effect in financial assets in order to sustain the economy.

  • Satyajit Das: The Economies of Europe and Japan Are Not Working Oct 29

    Oct 29 – Jim welcomes Satyajit Das, Author, Journalist and Commentator at They cover the global macro outlook, and Das sees inflexible economic and political structures in Europe and Japan leading to stagnating growth prospects.

  • David Marsh: Europe Unlikely to Launch Full-Scale QE With Bonds Near Record Highs Oct 28

    Oct 28 – Cris Sheridan welcomes back David Marsh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of OMFIF (Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) in London. David explains how the ECB is unlikely to launch a full-scale QE program in Europe with bonds near record highs. The ECB and Bundesbank don't want to run the risk of...

  • Puru Saxena: Bull Market Could Be Over, But Don't Get Too Bearish Since Central Banks Will Likely Step In Oct 17

    Oct 17 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Puru Saxena, founder of Puru Saxena Limited in Hong Kong, and publisher of Money Matters. Puru sees this bull market as mature, where a lot of stocks are no longer participating. Market breadth has narrowed considerably and 60-65% of NYSE stocks are now in a bear phase.