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  • Gary Dorsch on Stocks, Bonds; Frank Holmes on Gold, Oil Jan 14

    Jan 14 – After this week’s Market Wrap-Up with Ryan Puplava, we are joined by Gary Dorsch of Global Money Trends to discuss his thoughts on stocks vs. bonds and the likely causes of market volatility this year.

  • Technician Jonathan Krinsky on US Stock Market; Ned Schmidt on Gold, Commodities Jan 07

    Jan 7 – Jonathan Krinsky, Chief Market Technician for MKM Partners, discusses the four “bull market checks”—trend, breadth, momentum, and sentiment—and also provides his outlook on the major sectors to watch for this year. Ned Schmidt, publisher of...

  • Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Is Seeing Massive Adoption Dec 16

    Dec 16 – At $780, the price of bitcoin has doubled in 2016. Many thought it was just a bubble but bitcoin and blockchain technology expert Trace Mayer says otherwise, explaining everything you need to know about this...

  • Will the Bull Market Continue in 2017? Dec 10

    Dec 10 – After this week’s market wrap-up with Ryan Puplava, we speak with technician Ari Wald, CFA, CMT, an Executive Director and member of the Institutional Portfolio Strategy team at Oppenheimer & Co., to discuss...