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  • 7 Megatrends and the Next Crash Feb 25

    Feb 25 – Jim Puplava looks at seven large, transformative forces impacting all aspects of the global economy. Next, he talks about how these forces are colliding in the markets with a growing bubble that few are talking about.

  • Gary Shilling: US Holds Upper Hand in Trade Environment Feb 18

    Feb 18 – In this hour long conversation, Gary Shilling of A. Gary Shilling & Co. and Jim Puplava discuss trade, China, the US dollar, emerging markets, infrastructure spending, monetary policy, as well as Gary’s outlook for stocks...

  • Charles Gave and Clash of the Titans – Trump vs. Yellen Jan 28

    Jan 28 – In the first part of today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava discusses the confrontation between Trump and Yellen on the horizon and how the investment community must navigate increasing fiscal stimulus while the Federal Reserve, most expect, will continue to raise interest...

  • 2016: A Year of Surprises Dec 24

    Dec 24 – As a real-time barometer of economic and financial anxiety, the double-digit plunge in global markets at the start of 2016 reflected nothing but pessimism on the part of investors. The US and global economy were slowing...