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  • Louis Gave on Investing Abroad and Jim Puplava on the Fab Five, Dogs, and Aristocrats Apr 29

    Apr 29 – In today’s Big Picture, we look at the three different ways or approaches of making money in the stock market with the Fab Five, the Dogs of the Dow, and the Dividend Aristocrats. Next, we speak with Louis-Vincent Gave at Gavekal...

  • When Things Get Crazy, Don’t Get Lazy – Focus on Risk! Apr 22

    Apr 22 – Jn today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava covers three extremely important topics that every investor should understand: 1) Risk—understanding it, recognizing when it is increasing, and how to mitigate it from decimating your...

  • Banks Are Making Money – Why Aren’t You? Apr 08

    Apr 8 – Today’s Big Picture is broken up into three topics: 1) How banks are making money but this is not being passed along to bank depositors through savings accounts. Why is that and will that change as the Fed raises interest rates?

  • Death of a Bull Market – Major Paradigm Shift Mar 18

    Mar 18 – In today’s Big Picture podcast, Jim argues that we are at the end of the bull market in bonds with rising inflationary pressures and a turning point in global bond yields from their all-time lows last summer. He discusses the implications of this, what it means for investors...