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Recent Newshours on Global Issues

  • 7 Megatrends and the Next Crash Feb 25

    Feb 25 – Jim Puplava looks at seven large, transformative forces impacting all aspects of the global economy. Next, he talks about how these forces are colliding in the markets with a growing bubble that few are talking about.

  • Global Warming – LEIs Heating Up; Petro Business Cycle, Part 3 Feb 11

    Feb 11 – The global economy is heating up and, when it comes to the world’s largest economy, the US, nearly 80% of leading economic indicators are now in an upswing, notes Jim Puplava in today’s Big Picture podcast. Is this a good thing...

  • 2016: A Year of Surprises Dec 24

    Dec 24 – As a real-time barometer of economic and financial anxiety, the double-digit plunge in global markets at the start of 2016 reflected nothing but pessimism on the part of investors. The US and global economy were slowing...

  • Global Paradigm Shift; Economy: Fact and Fiction Dec 10

    Dec 10 – In today’s Big Picture podcast, Jim discusses the tumultuous forces driving a populous backlash against globalism and why this represents a paradigm shift filled with big upsets and changing investment behavior.