Lifetime Income Series

Lynn Martell Md

Last week Jim and Cathlyn discussed the different tax rates that apply to different types of investment income. This week they will focus on why paying attention to tax rates on various types of income is important, particularly when you’re in retirement. Jim also addresses a recent ruling by the US Tax Court on IRA Rollovers.

Michael Nolan

As Tax Day looms just a week ahead, Jim and Cathlyn discuss some tax strategies to help you feel a little less pain in your wallet. They look at ways to help you reduce your taxable income now, and strategies to help you reduce taxable income later.

Tim Prosch

This week on the program Jim and Cathlyn take on a very important, but often little-discussed topic; what will life be like for your family should you die or become incapacitated? They raise difficult but necessary questions: who will pay the bills? Who will manage the family’s money? Where will the income come from? Who will make the financial decisions? Where will your family live? Will their lifestyle have to change if something happens to you?

Jerome Schlichter

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss the issue of diversification in one’s portfolio. The title comes from a recent Wall Street Journal article called “Confronting Clients with Diworsified Portfolios”. The article looks at the idea that there is such a thing as “too much diversification” in a portfolio.

Eric Matteson Md

This week on the Lifetime Income Series, Jim and Cathlyn discuss Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and if these low-cost investment vehicles are the answer to today’s choppy markets. They also outline the benefits of both the actively managed and...

michael finke phd

This week Jim and Cathlyn continue to emphasize the very important theme of dividend investing, particularly as a way to keep up with the rising cost of expenses in retirement. They discuss the case study of John and Sally, a retired couple, and illustrate the serious effects of inflation on a retirement budget.

Pam Means

This week on The Lifetime Income Series, Cathlyn Harris and John Loeffler discuss two retirement savings plans that are available to everyone with “employment compensation”, the Roth and the Traditional IRA. They break down the differences between the two, and why you might choose one over the other, based on your situation.

Paul Howard PhD

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss how to approach your investments from a different angle. While there are serious challenges ahead for the US economy, there is also a lot going right for the US and our economy in today’s world. Jim and Cathlyn suggest taking a new philosophy to investing for retirement, and “divorce the doom”.

Wade Pfau PhD CFA

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss investment allocation in a retirement investment plan, but based on new ideas raised by the guest this week Dr. Wade Pfau, and others in the field. They will look at what is not working so well with target date funds, and why we all may need to start rethinking the way we invest for, and in, retirement.

Lowell Smith

This week Jim and Cathlyn share a case study of Sam and Melanie Krauss to highlight the importance of having an asset allocation plan. Frequently investors move between greed and fear and continuously shift their investments around, typically at the wrong times.